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‘Welcome to my website. Thank you for taking the time to visit this page. I am a new writer and ‘Sebby’ is my first book. I hope you will take the time to check it out. The best way to sample my style of writing is to join up to my blog which covers a wide variety of topics relating to grief, loss and life in general. You can contact me by writing comments on my blog or Facebook page, or sending me an email. I look forward to hearing from you!’


This unique book will speak to anyone who has struggled with abuse, loss or grief. Hannah has been through a lot: coming from a dysfunctional background, enduring an abusive marriage and losing three children to stillbirth. How do you come to terms with all that? Read the book! It is a story of redemption in the face of overwhelming odds.

Sebby is the gut-wrenching and yet heart-warming story of one woman’s journey through a quagmire of disintegrating life and emotions. She made it through by the grace of God and the help of a few good friends and family. It really is an outstanding and beautiful story, both practical and inspirational.

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‘As I began to read your work I slowly started to feel like I wasn’t in a dark place anymore. I began to see everything I was feeling was normal and I wasn’t losing my mind. I feel God is protecting and looking after my lost child as he was needed there. It was like I could share my grief and was being heard by someone. Your book came from your heart and life and I admire you greatly for this. You have found your way and I’m sure many others will find their way with the help from your wonderful book.’ Mandy Mcdonagh, England

‘I felt overwhelmed by the things you shared. The struggles, pains, difficulties, losses I have had in life so far weren’t as severe as yours by any stretch. Mine seemed miserably small in the light of yours. You described God, God’s attributes, God’s compassion, God’s ability to comfort the way I never heard or experienced. There was power and truth in the words you said. Sometimes I hear the same words you said from the pulpit but with no substance and with no reverence.  I especially remember you saying that people’s ability to comfort is OK, but it is nothing like God’s and that God is always in control.  Please carry on telling people what He has done for you.’   Chris Kures Kurcik, Slovakia 


Hannah C Fairchild is a Belgian poet and writer who has travelled extensively and lived in various countries, most recently Slovakia. She is multilingual and has a BSc Honours degree in Psychology from the University of Wales. She lost three children to stillbirth, which is the main subject of ‘Sebby’. Her Christian faith shines through these pages. Her goal is to be a fulltime writer and to help women everywhere come to terms with issues relating to abuse, abandonment, grief and despair.

Hannah speaks internationally to many different groups, sharing her faith and her inspiring story.

I will give thanks to you Lord with all my heart, I will tell of all your wonderful deeds. Psalm 9.1 


Hannah is currently studying to become a Christian counsellor in Southampton.  

Hannah is currently working on her second book entitled ‘Hope Restored (100 Days through Grief Devotional)‘.   The book is a practical book on how to overcome grief.  Of course it takes longer than 100 days.  But the purpose is for it to be an encouragement to anyone who has found themselves on a grief journey. 

Sebby – Son of Hope has been a success to date.  Looking to reprint copies of Sebby – Son of Hope towards the end of this year!

Hannah has had the privilege to share her testimony in a variety of settings (Prison, Women’s groups, church communities) where the people were touched by her story of hope amidst the trials of life.  

Hannah is available to share her testimony, and also to conduct a Grief Seminar in your fellowship. Full details on request.



Please direct all enquiries to: hannahcfairchild@gmail.com